About us

About us

Sealand Aquaculture is company dedicated to sustainable aquaculture, located in the south of Chile, specializing in Atlantic salmon smolt production using RAS technologies (recirculation aquaculture systems).

Sealand Aquaculture employs 120 people. Sealand has long-term strategic partnerships with clients, providing high quality smolts to match the production requirements of the client.

Sealand covers the requirements of salmon farmers by specializing in the production of smolts, from the incubation of eyed eggs to smolts weighing up to 500 grams.

The production process is designed using a high level of production, environmental, biosecurity and traceability standards. The production process allows Sealand to deliver high-quality smolts in a timely manner and allows our customers to maximize their profitability.

The recirculation technology used by Sealand ensures the optimal usage of water, removes all the waste and minimizes the environmental impact.

The combination of all these factors makes our operation fully sustainable in line with the requirements of all our stakeholders.