A close relationship with the local community

Located at the peninsula of Chayahue, surrounded by native vegetation and facing the sea, Sealand Aquaculture values its excellent relationship with the local community and the environment.

Sealand’s operations are located in Pargua. The main facility is in Punta Tique on the peninsula of Chayahue. Many people in the local community are employed by Sealand. For more than ten years we have been working closely with the community on environmental projects, water supply and education. Along with these areas a lot of attention is paid to social and cultural activities. The activities are coordinated and carried out together with representatives of indigenous groups, the water management body, the school directorate, members of the neighborhood associations and health care workers.

A new farm is being built in Astilleros, west of downtown Pargua. The greenfield project has been well received, it will create jobs and further strengthen the relationship with the community.

For more information on projects with direct impact on the community, please follow our news updates.